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What Is the Shape of My Egg?
Book 1 of 3

"Another aspect of the story I greatly appreciate are the descriptions of the characters’ emotions; Silkie is excited, frustrated, disappointed, confused, enthusiastic—all emotions young learners may experience as they challenge themselves with new, sometimes difficult concepts."

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". . . as a parent of two young children, ages 4.5 and 6.5, as well as an educator in developmental psychology, I would recommend this book to other parents and educators. It is a lot of fun and a great learning tool . . . ."

“Sisters! It happened! It finally happened!” 

“I laid my first egg! It’s perfect!”

"At the conclusion of the story, the author provides educational pages that are brilliant, concise and extremely practical. I find the authors' direction on identifying 2D and 3D objects in this section invaluable in early learning of mathematical terms aiding a child's grasp of future advanced concepts."

"A great ending that although about shapes, gives a nod to the importance of diversity and inclusion!"

". . . a children’s book that is delightful, readable and
practical . . . the adventure is fun, easy and engaging."

". . . an opportunity for fun and learning in this endearing tale . . . ."

Awards and Honors
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2023 Honorable Mention in Education and STEM
Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2023
Firebird Book Award 2023 1st Place in Children Educational 
American Writing Awards 2023 Finalist in Children Educational 
Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2023 2nd Place in Education and STEM
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2023 Finalist 
Story Monsters Approved! 2023 

Outstanding Creator Awards 2023 
Best Children's Books 2nd Place
Illustrated & Picture Book for Children 3rd Plac
Children's Educational Book 2nd Place
Honorable Mentions
Best Character—Silkie
Cutest Character—Silkie  
Best Supporting Character—Dottie 


"It captures a child's discovery when a new idea is learned . . . ."

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About the story . . .

What Is the Shape of My Egg?, the first title in the Shape Stories with Farm Friends Series, introduces children to the unique properties of circles and ovals. The storyline stars Silkie who is—to no surprise—a Silkie chicken! Soon after laying her very first egg, Silkie discovers that her egg is not as perfect as she thought. With the help of the Sisters, she learns about the shape of her egg along with the shape of other circular objects both inside and outside their home.

The four characters (Silkie, Dreeka, Henrietta and Dottie), names included, are not fictitious. The Illustrations and corresponding text reflect the actual appearance and personalities of the Sisters in real life. They live on a small farm with other animals (the future stars in Shape Stories with Farm Friends) in Western Montana.

What Is the Shape of My Egg? concludes with an introduction to identifying circular shapes with either two or three dimensions, followed by interactive ways to apply what children learned after reading this book. Silkie chicken facts are also included for those of you who may not know about this loving breed of chickens!

Age range: 4-8 years

Editorial Reviews

Readers' Favorite

"The illustrations by Gabriela Vega are adorable and will entertain kids as they read or follow along with the story. I love how Silkie's friends helped her learn something new and how Weckbacher adds pages at the end that teach new things about shapes with simple activities. I recommend it to small children who love animals and adventurous stories."

Literary Titan

"This children's book is a literary gem tailored for collaborative read-aloud sessions. . . . Gabriela Vega's brilliant illustrations, resplendent with the allure of the farm setting, give young readers a tangible connection to the narrative's context and characters. . . . What Is the Shape of My Egg? is an exceptional picture book that will ignite children's curiosity, inspiring inquiries about the intricacies of their surroundings. This children's book will enliven classroom discussion on geometric principles. I heartily recommended it to parents and educators alike."

Precious McKenzie

Children's Author

Professional Writing Consultant

". . . a bright, fun addition to any school or library that is building its STEM collection. In this creative picture book, a flock of sister chickens teaches young Silkie (another hen) about shapes they find on their farm and explain the differences between a circle and an oval. The book is filled with many clear examples and contains an entertaining narrative about the chicken sisters--who are quite possibly the best storybook geometry teachers EVER! The illustrations are charming and delightful. Kids will love these adorable hens!"

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"A wonderfully illustrated picture book introducing children to simply geometry—and it's fun too! A FINALIST and highly recommended!" 

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