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What Is the Shape of My Ears?
Book 2 of 3

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About the story . . .

What is the shape of a donkey’s ears?
A horse’s ears?
A cat’s ears?
If you’re thinking triangle, that’s correct!
BUT . . . there are all sorts of triangles.
Triangles can be long, short, skinny, fat—even stubby!
In What Is the Shape of My Ears?, the second title in the Shape Stories with Farm Friends Series, children are introduced to the properties of triangles. Coupled with select language to nurture spatial thinking skills (e.g., big, small, top, bottom), the book is designed for read-aloud sessions to promote accurate learning about triangles. The storyline stars Pearl, a clever miniature donkey, and her sidekick Duke, a humble miniature horse who questions why ears—whether long or short—can still be the same shape. Together, the “Minis” explore the basic elements of triangles and learn that when you look closely, you find triangular shapes are EVERYWHERE!
What is the Shape of My Ears? also includes:
  • an introduction to 2D versus 3D triangular shapes;
  • interactive activities for children to apply what they learned about triangles;  
  • and an array of facts about Pearl–a real-life mini—who is nothing short of clever, sassy, and above all, a devoted farm friend!
Age range: 4-8 years
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