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Shape Stories with Farm Friends Series 

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What Is the Shape of My Egg? is the first in a series of children’s picture storybooks titled Shape Stories with Farm Friends. The series is dedicated to nurturing young children’s developing knowledge about shapes beyond the images that they see and the geometric names that are applied.

The context of each story is relatable to children in terms of what they may know about animals, farm animals to be exact, and what they may know about geometry. In addition, select words and phrases are built into each storyline to foster accurate conceptions of shapes with either two or three dimensions. To help solidify these concepts, the properties of select shapes, and how certain properties differentiate one shape from another, are revisited as the story unfolds. This provides a memorable way for children to think about shapes on more of a descriptive and visual level.

As a key component to mathematical learning, spatial thinking involves learning about physical space. Understanding the dimensions or properties of objects, as well as their location, are important aspects of the learning experience. Language that draws attention to position, direction, and location is therefore included in each storyline to help children build upon what they already know (or don’t know) about space. Some spatial concepts, such as left and right, can be challenging for youngsters to learn since what is left versus right can change pending the child’s orientation. This book, and the others to follow, takes such difficulties into consideration. My recommendation is for children to read the book aloud with an adult to promote accurate learning and opportunities to reason about shapes. While reading, children should be encouraged to ask questions and talk about the illustrations using correct geometric language. Simply stated, communicating with children about shapes and space matters in early mathematical learning. I hope you enjoy! 

Book 1: What Is the Shape of My Egg?

"Another aspect of the story I greatly appreciate are the descriptions of the characters’ emotions; Silkie is excited, frustrated, disappointed, confused, enthusiastic- all emotions young learners may experience as they challenge themselves with new, sometimes difficult concepts."

"A great ending that although about shapes, gives a nod to the importance of diversity and inclusion!"

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" a parent of two young children, ages 4.5 and 6.5, as well as an educator in developmental psychology, I would recommend this book to other parents and educators. It is a lot of fun and a great learning tool..."

"At the conclusion of the story, the author provides educational pages that are brilliant, concise and extremely practical. I find the authors' direction on identifying 2D and 3D objects in this section invaluable in early learning of mathematical terms aiding a child's grasp of future advanced concepts."

“Sisters! It happened! It finally happened!” 

“I laid my first egg! It’s perfect!”



What Is the Shape of My Egg?, the first title in the Shape Stories with Farm Friends series, introduces children to the unique properties of circles and ovals. The storyline stars Silkie who is - to no surprise - a Silkie chicken! Soon after laying her very first egg, Silkie discovers that her egg is not as perfect as she thought. With the help of the Sisters, she learns about the shape of her egg along with the shape of other circular objects both inside and outside their home.

The four characters (Silkie, Dreeka, Henrietta and Dottie), names included, are not fictitious. The Illustrations and corresponding text reflect the actual appearance and personalities of the Sisters in real life. They live on a small farm with other animals (the future stars in Shape Stories with Farm Friends) in Western Montana.

What Is the Shape of My Egg? concludes with an introduction to identifying circular shapes with either two or three dimensions, followed by interactive ways to apply what children learned after reading this book. Silkie chicken facts are also included for those of you who may not know about this loving breed of chickens!

Age range: 4-8 years

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What is the Shape of My Ears

Coming 2023!
Book 2:
What Is the Shape of My Ears?

Starring Pearl! 

An introduction to the

properties of triangles

(cover not yet available)

What is the Shape of My House

Coming 2024!
Book 3:
What Is the Shape of My House?

Starring Fern! 

An introduction to the properties of squares and rectangles

(cover not yet available)

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