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About Me
Lisa M. Weckbacher, Ph.D.


A native to the East Coast (Northeastern Pennsylvania to be exact), I grew up with a love for books and animals of all kinds. Though I cannot recall the first book I ever read, I can recall some of the many books that I did read, and in some cases, reread as a favored pastime at home and even school. At my elementary school, not many students (if any) had a book taken away as some form of behavioral management, but I did. Moreover, it’s probably safe to say that I was the only student who enjoyed the weekly visit to our school’s library. Even as a teenager, I was an avid reader well knowing that if I started a good book, homework and piano would most likely interfere. Happy to say, I somehow managed. Looking back, I do believe that my passion for books is what drew me to a career as an educator, and now a children's author. 


My animals, past and present, are a part of who I am.  As an only child, I developed a special closeness to each and every critter: dogs, birds, and even Fred, a minnow that I "rescued" from a nearby stream where my dad often fly fished. Dad wasn't happy that Fred relocated against his will, but he lived on for years in a well-cared for home. My critters were my playmates (Fred less so) and companions, and till today, a source of happiness and trust. 


For those of us who truly know our feathered and furry critters, each has a unique personality. Some pet owners, myself included, tend to attribute human-like characteristics when interpreting what our critters are "thinking" or why they do what they do. In other words, they anthropomorphize, and I am certainly guilty of that tendency. However, these  erroneous though heartfelt interpretations have inspired the development of the characters in Little Whoo Books. My critters, both feathered and furry, now have a voice. Moreover, I am able to apply what I have learned as an academic in a practical and certainly enjoyable way.  




Farm Animal Duke


Farm Animal Pearl

A Snowy Day in Montana...

Lisa Weckbacher a Snow day in Montana

Author and Publisher


Some of My Favorite Books   (childhood and teenage years)

Are You My Mother? 

Bedknobs and Broomsticks 

Black Beauty

Charlotte's Web



Hardy Boys Mysteries

Little House on the Prairie Series

Nancy Drew Mysteries 


Snow White

The Trumpet of the Swan

The Giving Tree 

The Velveteen Rabbit 

A Farewell to Arms

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. 

Beowulf (play)





Lord of the Flies

Macbeth (play)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Othello (play)


To Kill a Mockinigbird

Wuthering Heights

Some of My  (Our) Feathered and Furry Friends 
Past, Present and Counting! 

"Best Bunny Ever"
"Triangle Ears"
Miyah, a border collie, is congenitally blind.
The bravest of critters! 
Our Latest Edition
The Twins
The Twins
My Inspiration to Write Stories
My Childhood Playmate 
Belle and I moved to CA together. She was a true companion.
Forever in My Heart
The Guardians
The Guardians
A Silkie Rooster!
"Perfect Child"
My Soulmate

B.S., Psychology, Clinical Track

University of Scranton 

M.A., Psychology, Emphasis in Clinical Services

Marywood University 

M.A., Education, Emphasis in Educational Psychology

Cal State Northridge

M.A., Education, Emphasis in Child and Adolescent Development 

UC Santa Barbara

Ph.D., Education, Emphasis in Child and Adolescent Development

UC Santa Barbara

Teaching Experience and Scholarly Works

For over a decade, I have served as an adjunct professor in psychology and education at various universities. 

Courses I Have Taught

Adolescent Development

Advanced Theories in Child and Adolescent Development

Applied Cognitive Development

Child Psychopathology

Clinical/Abnormal Psychology

Developmental Psychology 

Directed Study in Psychology

Foundations of Child and Adolescent Development

Human Motivation

Human Sexual Behavior

Intergroup Relations

Introduction to Psychology

Methods of Child and Adolescent Study

Psychological Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Social Psychology

The Child and Adolescent Development Profession

Theories of Personality

Select Scholarly Works

Pieng, P., Weckbacher, L. M., & Okamoto, Y. (2023). Pentagon or “Five-Angle Shape”? Exploring the Effects of Shape Names on Young Children’s Geometric Shape Knowledge. [Manuscript submitted for publication]. 

Weckbacher, L. M. (2006). The role of spatial activities in gifted youths’ spatial understanding. [Unpublished master’s thesis].

University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Weckbacher, L. M. (2007). The role of visualization in geometric problem solving. [Unpublished doctoral dissertation].

University of California, Santa Barbara.

Weckbacher, L. M., & Okamoto, Y. (2014). Mental rotation ability in relation to self-perceptions of high school geometry.

Learning and Individual Differences, 30, 58-63.

Weckbacher, L. M., & Okamoto, Y. (2015). Discovering space in the elementary classroom. Journal of Education and Learning, 4(1), 35-40.


Weckbacher, L. M., & Okamoto, Y. (2018). Predictability of visual measures on performance in geometry. Journal of Education and Learning, 7(6), 25-36.

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