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Official Release Date: May 24, 2023!

What Is the Shape of My Egg?
Book 1 of 3: Shape Stories with Farm Friends Series

What is the Shape of My Egg Book Cover


Dr. Natalie Grey
California State University

 " endearing story that will invite many readings by children and parents alike...The vivid descriptions of Silkie and her sisters are engaging; each animal has a unique personality that is relatable to young readers. The lively story teaches children not only spatial reasoning, but also about kinship, taking your sister 'under your wing' and nurturing her growth."

"...a children’s book that is delightful, readable and
practical...the adventure is fun, easy and engaging."

Dr. Nancy Loman
California State University 

"A cast of lovable chickens presents an opportunity for fun and learning in this endearing tale. Children will laugh and learn about shapes as they follow the delightful characters in their own process of discovery about circles, ovals and the shapes around them. Parents will appreciate the educational process and children will delight in this charming story of the chicken and the egg!"

"My favorite part was Silkie’s excitement in finding new shapes all around her yard. It captures a child’s discovery when a new idea is learned...The concepts of round, then circles versus ovals...progressing to finding 3D examples of each shape in real life, show a logical progression as a child gets older and processes more complicated ideas."

Wendy Fachini
no Teacher


Deanna Sonnenberg
Youth Counselor
Elementary Teacher

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